At IWIB, we believe in the value of inspiring our members, as a means of supporting them in order to remain engaged and focused towards achieving their personal and professional goals.

We bring you a series of interviews with ‘Leading Ladies’ from around the world who in turn describe their incredible journey of what started as dreams and ambitions, and led to outstanding achievements.
Through setbacks and challenges, these ladies demonstrated determination and tenacity. Here they share what is needed to succeed against all odds.

Our guests come from all backgrounds, generations, cultures, trades and industries. Meet them and learn from their experiences – it could make all the difference to your future.
Meet our Leading Ladies
September 15th 2014
CEO of Entrevo UK
"Embrace a problem-solving attitude - problems are great - they give you an opportunity to find a solution. Celebrate your wins. And don’t let failure dishearten you. Learn from it and move on to the next adventure..."



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